Hot and Cold Adhesive Supplies

Cardboard cartons, boxes, trays, all bottle labels, paper bags, they all have glue somewhere in their production.

Aircraft, trains, ships and automotive vehicles often have parts glued together with sophisticated resins.

So, without glue we would all become seriously "unstuck"

Brunel Engineering Services source and supply a range of Hot EVA and Water based glues. Good stocks are usually available for quick despatch

Our glues are supplied into printing, packaging, bookbinding, non-woven, automotive, and product assembly sectors to name a few.

We supply both Hotmelts or Cold glues for basic paper bonding, board to board, in either permanent or peelable bond. Pressure sensitive glues for Labels and permanent, fugitive and remoist glues in the printing and mailing industry

Hotmelts are supplied in 10kg cartons to 25kg sacks, either as singles or by the pallet and Water based cold Glues in 5,10 or 31ltr containers

All glues have different "open" times (the time you have to make the joint), and exhibit different properties, e.g. is the product to be frozen? Will the transport or storage temperature be high?

Questions need to be asked.

We and igluetech are glue application specialists so call or email us

Find out more on the igluetech website, click here


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