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Tray Erectors

Brunel Engineering Services, Design and Build Tray Erectors in several sizes with output speeds up to 37 glued cartons per minute.

Our Erectors provide an effective means to transform Pre-cut Flat Carton Blanks into formed and glued ready-to-use boxes in virtually any industry.

Using pneumatic technology to provide motive power and a PLC to provide sequential control via the integral feedback system, with hinged machine guards that are interlocked to the control system providing electro-pneumatic cut-off should the guards be opened.

The tooling, known as Change Parts, is carton specific and can be changed over in minutes to provide production of other carton sizes, within the capacity of the particular model of machine.

There is facility to connect a 24Vdc downstream signal to control the erector to produce cartons on-demand as part of a larger carton / product processing system.

Cartons are ejected vertically downwards, often on to one of our own plain belt conveyors, or onto a conveyor that forms part of a follow-on processing system. The follow on might be a Carton Filler and Carton Closer sequence. BES can help you with this too.

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1 product
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