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BES Shingle Conveyor

The BES Shingle Conveyor is the perfect complement to one of our own Flat Bed or Octo Vacuum Conveyors.

At 300mm wide and 2mtrs long, with a variable speed of approx. 4-10 mtrs/m, our Shingle Conveyor effectively catches and slows down products exiting faster processing conveyors.

It has two narrow belts, both adjustable across the width of the machine, and an adjustable back plate to arrest the product. Additionally there are two gathering ramps that stack the products as they arrive at the end of the belts.

Normally a 230v AC single phased unit, we can build the Shingler to either be slaved to one of our own Vacuum Conveyors or as a stand-alone to abut your own process conveyor.

The picture shows the Shingle Conveyor coupled to our own 2mtr x 500mm flat bed Vacuum Conveyor with a Multifeeder MFT350 mounted and batch feeding with Backer Repeat software for Inkjet printing (not shown) of the product.

1 product 
1 product
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