BES Beaver End Load Cartoner

The Brunel Engineering Services Beaver erects pre-glued skillet cartons into position ready for manual loading of the product.
It is designed to process glue closed cartons

Following manual insertion of the product, a two hand start ensures operator hands are clear and causes the machine to cycle where the carton is glued and closed, followed by the presentation of the next carton to be filled.

The Beaver uses pneumatic technology to provide motive power and a PLC to provide sequential control via the integral feedback system, with hinged machine guards that are interlocked to the safety relay providing electro-pneumatic cut-off should the guards be opened.

Carton capacities are;

20mm high x 50 wide x 121mm long Minimum

90mm high x 250 wide x 300mm long Maximum

The Beaver can be fitted with Deboss Coding or an Inkjet Carton marking System

The Beaver requires a single phase 230vAC 16A supply and compressed air at 6 Bar, 90 Nl/min

Basic floor size is 1900 long x 900 wide x 1375mm high. Additional space is required for guard doors to swing open

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