BES Octo Narrow Band Vacuum Conveyor.

Brunel Engineering Services manufacture the Octo Narrow Track Vacuum Conveyor.

The Octo conveyor features three separate vacuum belts, each repositionable sideways, and each with four vacuum sections, total of 12. All of the vacuum sections can be independently isolated, to locally release the product as an aid to Bump Turn or Plough Fold operations 

Octo processing operations include;
Bump Turn
Plough Folding, left or right
Back Folding
Opening / Closing
Tipping, via a Multifeeder
Glueing, Hotmelt or Cold water based
Tape Application, reel or bobbin supply
Inkjet Printing

With an accessory rail each side, industry recognised attachments can easily be fixed and positioned

The Octo is variable speed, up to approx 80 linear m/min, via a simple Turn-Pot control. We use an inverter drive with Digital input option, should you require to control the speed from an external source.

Ideally coupled to one of our own Flat Bed Vacuum Conveyors, we can build to controls as slave to the coupled conveyor (BES units) or to work as stand alone 

Additionally, the our Shingle Conveyor can be placed to slow down and accumulate the finished product

Every BES Vacuum Conveyor has an individual start / stop circuit for Conveyor and Vacuum and a Safety circuit with E-Stops.
Normally configured for single phase supply, however 3 phase is possible.

Our conveyors are solidly constructed from welded steel frames, you can safely stand on them! We do not use flimsy aluminium frame materials

The pictured model is 2.5m long , with a nominal frame size for 500mm width. Coupled to our 1.25x500 Flat bed Vacuum Conveyor together with a MFT Friction Feeder, and UES Hotmelt system

It is our intention to build longer units on demand, 3 and 4 mtr, please enquire


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