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Vacuum Conveyor 1100 & 1200 x 2mtr

Product Description

The Brunel Engineering Services 1100 & 1200 x 2mtr Vacuum Conveyors.

They provide a hold-down force to keep paper and board products firmly pinned down while they undertake further processing operations like Tape Application, Glueing or Tipping

These sizes can be used to carry two of our Reel or Bobbin Fed, Two Sided Tape Applicators.

Or for a Glue and Tipping Application where Hotmelt Glue is applied to a carrier product as it passes and a Friction Feeder, mounted over the conveyor, precisely applies a second product on to the glued carrier. This principle can be adapted to place a product into a shallow tray.

They have variable speed typically up to 100 linear m/min and usually have a single phase supply. Both have an individual Start/Stop circuit for conveyor and vacuum and a safety circuit with E-Stops.

Controls are situated on a raised post for easy access.

The Vacuum fans can easily be hinged downward to clear any obstructions that may have been carried over. The dual fan hinges are linked to the safety circuit.

Adjustable for height at each end, the unit can be installed out-of-level if desired

Pictured here in one photo with a simple in-feed table and two of our own Double sided tape Applicators. Also pictured is a machine mounted with Bobbin Fed Double Sided Tape Applicator and a bespoke out-feed catch frame. And a raised position Control as typically fitted to our larger conveyors

Vacuum Conveyor 1100 & 1200 x 2mtr

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