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The Brunel Beaver

Product Description

The Brunel Engineering Services Beaver opens, glues, closes and ejects pre-glued skillet cartons.

Following manual insertion of the product, a two hand start ensures operator hands are clear and causes the machine to cycle where the carton is Hotmelt Glued, Closed, and ejected to an outfeed chute.

Finally the next empty carton is presented ready for filling.

Cartons are stacked in a magazine prior to processing. The Magazine Plate is a Change Part and is specifically sized and preset to a particular carton. Change-over of the Magazine Plate takes a few minutes.

Two handwheels allow the Beaver to be adjusted for different carton widths, again this takes just a few minutes when using the carton itself as a gauge.

Hotmelt Glue line length is automatically adjusting via its own control system and needs no intervention during carton size changes.

In the video below we are using a paddle to load the product, useful when the carton is small. For the purpose of clarity in filming some of the machine guards have been removed. In production operation, the Beaver is fully guarded and interlocked.

The Brunel Beaver

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