Tipping and Glueing Labels

Tipping and Glueing Labels

Tipping and Glueing Labels

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At Brunel Engineering Services we have our own design team and in-house manufacturing.

So if you need a machine to perform a specific task, then we can help.

The equipment shown here comprises of a base conveyor with high friction belt, a single head glue system, a Multifeeder MFT350vXED and a 'Tamp' glue compression device.

The base product is an aluminium tray, which is detected and has glue applied on its inside base, followed by an oval label placed onto the glue from the feeder and finally an air actuated compression roller completes the glue-to-label joint.

The glue system detects and drives both the glue placement and the timing of the compression roller via its integral pattern controller.

The Multifeeder uses its own e-z tipping software to detect the product passing below and to place the label accurately to within 3mm

The glue type is peelable hotmelt, and although the product is hand fed into system, production rates of round 14000 parts per shift are usually obtained.

This application fits into the category of "Tipping"

It is one of two machines, the second unit being used by a different customer, where product is variants of a baking tray with retail label attached in the same way.

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