Special Milling Table

Special Milling Table

Special Milling Table

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Designed and built to order, special milling table.

This piece of equipment was designed especially for the purpose of milling a groove in the edge of a fire door moulding.

Door mouldings were of several different widths and lengths up to 2.4mtrs.

The machine had the capability to accomodate these combinations and was able to quickly mill a straight, center positioned groove with good depth control.

We designed and built the machine which incorporated a motor driven leadscrew with half-nut engagement and adjustable electrical end stop switches.

A good quality industrial router was incorporated into the design to hold the cutter. This was mounted on a carriage supported on linear slide bearings, driven along by the leadscrew via the half-nut mechanism.

With the half-nut dis-engaged, the carriage could be positioned easily at any point along the length of the machine, by hand.

The machine could mill a groove in either direction and in addition a dust / swarf extract system was also provided.

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