Precision Attaching System

Precision Attaching System

Precision Attaching System

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Introducing the Multifeeder Precision Attaching Line.
This equipment is typically aimed at the Gift Card producer and is designed to attach (Tip) a product onto another with an accuracy of ±0.4mm (97% certainty) at a production speed of 20,000 finished parts per hour continuous running. Higher speed is achievable with a potential fall-off in accuracy, but typically ±0.5mm at 24000 p/hr

At the front end, an Auto Product Loader (optional) replenishes either an MFT350 or 550 which is coupled to a Lugged Driven Discharge. This arrangement feeds the Backer Card, squaring it and aligning it ready to transfer to the VTC, Vacuum Track conveyor.

The VTC further aligns the side datum edge of the Backer and carries it past a Hotmelt glue gun, then onward to the point where the second card is attached, and later onward to the exit point. At the exit point, a Shingle Conveyor (optional) collects and collates. The Vacuum system ensures the Backer stays firm on the VTC

The Attacher Feeder, an MFT250, is coupled to a secondary Driven Discharge, where the Card, typically a CR80, is accurately queued until the signal to feed is received from the Backer sensor beneath.
The attachment card is delivered to the Backer through the pinch point of Driven Discharge Rollers whose speed is matched to that of the VTC belt, this ensures no 'kick-back' that a non-driven passive control roller might produce.

The attached position of the second card can be changed on-the-fly in 0.1mm increments.
An adjustable repeat batch count can be set with an adjustable time dwell (milliseconds) between batches. This makes for a break-point on the shingle conveyor between known batch sizes

Plough-Folding is an option on 4mtr VTC based systems 

Third party verification equipment can be fitted whose digital output can Stop the attaching line

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