Bobbin Fed Double Sided Tape Applicator

Bobbin Fed Double Sided Tape Applicator

Bobbin Fed Double Sided Tape Applicator

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For Bobbins of Two Sided or Tear Tape (Rippa)

Bobbins typically hold 5000m or more of Tape, this provides the big advantage of reduced tape changes and is particularly useful for long products with long tape runs. Also, Tear (Rippa) type Tapes are usually held on Bobbins

The Brunel Engineering Two Sided Tape Applicator can be configured for Bobbin use on Tape widths typically between 12 and 24mm. The machine can feed both Fingerlift and Edge-to-Edge Tape at linear speeds up to approx. 45m/min. User changeable standard guides are included for 12, 18, and 24mm tape widths. Other guide sizes available on request.

Machines for Tear tapes of 4mm or 6mm width are normally dedicated to this one size and type of tape

The machine uses a small motor to strip the Bobbin and generate slack which enhances the Start / Stop position of the Tape and is controlled by its own logic relay device. An External Pattern Controller is required to be connected, which can have an output control voltage of 3-32Vdc

The machine can be supplied in full version, complete with Pattern controller, Encoder, Photocell and Tape machine.

Or as the Tape Machine only. This is useful for 2nd machines driven from the same Pattern Control System.

Two machines can be used together on the same conveyor mounted with one downstream of the other.

A transport (conveyor) is required, ideally a vacuum type. We would be pleased to quote you one of our own Vacuum Conveyors from our range.

The Tape Applicator operates at low voltage but requires a 230v plug-top supply

The photos show Bobbin configurations using two sided tape and tear tapes
The video shows 2-up Bobbin fed applicators mounted to one of our own wide Vacuum Conveyors with catchment

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